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Ugh Why by NightmaresInChibi
Ugh Why
finally finished a picture of luca the other day. his design is probably the hardest to get down out of all the main characters. luca's a pretty weird guy, keeps to himself and makes confusing and hurtful jokes when he doesn't know how to deal with a situation. he's also a bit of a creep sometimes, and has a full photography kit in his backpack for gathering blackmail on any business competitors. and documenting catalina's life. luca *really* likes catalina. 
Not Amused by NightmaresInChibi
Not Amused
catalina's father; iván. he's less impressed by the dye shop than she is, but reluctantly helps out occasionally if it means making his daughter happy. iván's actually a pretty nice, chill dude, but living in brambleby vale has sort of fucked him up with all the crazy shit that's always going down there, making him understandably paranoid about basically everything. he hates ikea with a passion, and believes that they are what's going to really destroy the town, rather than the more serious threat of kevin. 
Arm Game Too Strong by NightmaresInChibi
Arm Game Too Strong
this is catalina. she's one of the dye shop's neighbours, along with her father, and they run a carved furniture/hardware store. she's part spanish part russian, and luca has a super dumb crush on her and keeps inviting her to join in on the group's polyamory, even though she's more amused by this than anything else and christopher's gay. catalina actually really likes the dye shop, and hangs out with them all a lot. chris is probably her favourite, and she's glad to meet another trans person closer to her own age than some of the other residents around town.
siblings by NightmaresInChibi
Martina (summer clothes) and Yasha (winter clothes) are the owners of the town general store, and occasional allies to the dye shop. They're brother and sister, and are descended from the Aquelarre Witches that used to live in Brambleby Vale. Martina has very powerful fire magic, and has all the body heat between the two of them, meaning that Yasha is always very cold and not that great at magic. It's not that they don't like Gabriel and co, but Yasha doesn't trust anyone, and Martina doesn't want to die.
monster hunters
is this mature content? iono
So this is Lorenzo (grey haired nudist) and Tián Xun (piercing priest). They've been friends basically forever, Lorenzo was a healer where Xun trained to be a priest, and when Xun started hunting the demons that showed up around Brambleby Vale, Lorenzo was tasked with patching up their various injuries. Of course, Xun's injuries are usually things like torn off limbs, and it's something of a miracle they're still alive when Lorenzo's idea of medical intervention is superglue and embroidery thread. 
By the way, Lorenzo is a trans man, and Xun is intersex and uses neutral pronouns. 


NightmaresInChibi's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
i sew dolls and draw dumb gay pictures of my OCs, who are getting far too plentiful. I've sort of taken a giant break from dA due to artistic insecurities but I've recently dropped tumblr so here I am back. kinda. who knows

sometimes, things are painfully annoying. After my laptop had a nice little crisis a couple of weeks ago, it had a repeat, and so I've lost all my data again and have had to start using a laptop from like 10 years ago that doesn't know what flash is. Good bye holiday art, good bye~

Aside from that, I'm having a nice little period of dysphoria lately. With the holidays here, I would like to spend as much time as possible presenting as a guy, only that's a little difficult when my mum ensures she's the first one to introduce me so I don't "induce any awkward questions". Which is annoying. I wish I could just transition fully already, but apparently because I didn't mention this when I was five, I've missed my chance. I seem to recall mentioning this when I was five. But then I was too immature. What. Whaaaaaaaat. Sometimes I wind up counting the days until I finish school and can skip off to get HRT and surgery. Yeah, unlikely to happen that quick, but shut up. I can dream. Is this immature? Probably. 
    Anyway, binding is cool, and definitely helps, but it's an unfortunate side affect of my perpetual anxiety and paranoia that I'm convinced I'm constantly suffocating and every bone touched by the binder is being crushed in to my lungs. Is that normal? Is that just me? Is my back actually hurting from the binder, or have I just twisted it again? Who knows. 

In relation to fandoms, LAPTOP. In other news, my Dirk cosplay was quite fine, and now I've started on God Tier. Well. I bought the fabric. A friend and I shall start on our god tiers soon enough. Friday. Yes. It shall be fun. THIS TIME I SAY, THIS TIME I WILL TAKE FUCKING PHOTOS AND EVERYTHING WILL BE PANCAKES AND MERRINESS!!!!!! Hopefully. As I have a friend to help, it'll probably be easier. A friend who will be right there. All the time. Perfectly accessible. Perfect. 
    In more news, dad thought it would be a good idea to make me watch all the X Men films. And then take me to buy some comics. It wasn't a good idea. Too many fandoms. Too little time. 

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  • Drinking: i could really go some tea right now....

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